Tuesday’s Tip to Avoid the Trap: Fill ‘Em Up Before You Take ‘Em Out


One of the things I find most challenging as a mom is the accessibility of junk food. I feel like no matter where I take my kids, they are surrounded by junk food and bad choices: the mall, the movies, church, birthday parties and even the soccer field.

I felt like I had to devise a strategy to keep them from not only overindulging on pizza and birthday cake, but from being too full to eat a healthy dinner after the party or game as well.

My solution: Fill’ Em Up Before You Take ‘Em Out.

I now give my kids lots of fruit and crunchy veggie snacks BEFORE we go to our event or party. That way once they arrive, they are already full and less inclined to go for that second cupcake or third piece of pizza.

Try it…it works!

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