Great resource for any mom – no matter what you are eating now.

January 12, 2013 by Laura EvansAmazon

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I want to put this book in the hands of every mom I know. and not just the ones that struggle with getting their kids to eat more than chicken nuggets or butter noodles (which this book addresses head on). This book describes how to move into new territory with kids and yourself for eating. It not only tells you the “Why” of eating healthy (some of it very shocking to see what we are feeding out kids on a normal basis, btw), but the book gives the tools to do the “HOW” of applying it to your life in very real, easy ways. The author breaks it down into baby steps of getting on the right track with ideas on how to approach Kids’ Menu at restaurants, what to do if your spouse is not interested in eating healthy, how to break the cycle of sugary snacks after sports games, and even gives you exact phrases and words to use when your child wants to argue with you about eating dinner.

It has been such a huge help in feeding our family and figuring out the organic world at the grocery store. I highly recommend this book,even for people who think they are eating healthy now – and especially for those who know they are not – and for everyone in between. There is no way you will not find something helpful in this book that you can apply to yourself and/or your kids.

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