Book Review by Dr. David M. Brady and Stacey Brady

September 15, 2014 by Dr. David M. Brady and Stacey Brady


The Pizzatrap is a fantastic book for anyone who wants ideas on how to get their kids to eat healthier. Raising a child in the United States where chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza are the typical kid’s menus items in every restaurant, it’s very easy to get caught in the “trap” and very hard to get out! Gabrielle mentions some reasonable ways you can try and help your family escape from the junk food madness. The traffic light strategy Gabrielle uses to help kids understand what are good and bad foods is brilliant and practically useful: (green light = good foods, eat lots of), (yellow light = ok foods, use in moderation), and (red light foods-not nutritious foods, only limited consumption). It teaches your children, even at a young age, how to modify and understand the concept of what they are eating. This book is an invaluable addition to the nutrition and diet book landscape.

Dr. David M. BradyUB_logo
Director-Human Nutrition Institute
University of Bridgeport (Connecticut-USA)
Chief Medical Officer, Designs for Health, Inc.

Stacey Brady
Nutrition-advocate and Mom of Ian & Owen Brady

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