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August 23, 2014 by rpv TOP 100 REVIEWER, Amazon

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Superb book. This is an excellent book and touches on many aspects of junk food. Disclaimer. I am a big advocate and follow as much as possible organic, plant powered non GMO vegan lifestyle. Also my daughter has taken vegan pizza few times but has entirely avoided them on any birthday parties. She is proud of it! So do a lot of ultra marathoners and world class athletes. The biotech industry in the greed of amassing wealth has been on a run to destroy the planet and humans. Kids are a big victim. I cannot go to a mall or airport without seeing overly obese people. I feel very sad for the food they eat. This book will be an eyeopener and should be sold rough outside stores like Murder King and others. What an eyeopener. My daughter got fascinated to this book and has been reading on a roll. That is great and am sure author will be happy to note that. Very well written. Since it stuck a vibe with me, when offered to review it I accepted it. It has not failed me and I am going to propagate to my friend’s circle.

This book is very good in encouraging parents to boycott GMOs. The book also encourages parents to allow their children to help out in the grocery store or in the kitchen. The book also tells you how to find out GMO food ingredients and tells you which foods are a MUST organic. It also gives you recipes to make.
Gabrielle Welch has written an awesome book. This book is an excellent guide for Moms, and is good for even children to read. My daughter read it and said to give it 5 stars. This is a superb guide to eating healthy, wholesome, and delicious.

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