Ashton’s Veggie Egg Scramble

This is a favorite of my 14 year- old daughter, who is looking for that protein load in the morning and wants to stay away from starchy carbs. She can make it herself, and it only takes 5 minutes, which is a bonus. You can also roll it up in a tortilla or two with some salsa or have a slice of Ezekiel toast on the side if you are looking for a little more substance. Enjoy!

2 scrambled organic eggs
2 slices white onion
2 slices chopped red, yellow or green bell pepper
Handful spinach (optional)
Avocado slices (optional)
High heat organic canola or vegetable oil to spray in pan
Salt and pepper to taste.


Spray a safe non-stick pan with canola oil.  Scramble two eggs and set aside.
Saute all of the veggies until somewhat soft and partly browned, except for spinach.
Add in eggs, and stir until cooked. Throw spinach in for thirty seconds until barely wilted.


Serves 1 hungry teen.





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