Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

2014-03-22 NancyMy job is amazing. I am always so grateful that I am given the opportunity to witness someone dramatically change their life solely by changing what they put into their mouths.  From time- to- time, I receive incredible success letters from happy clients that really inspire me.

This most recent letter is one that I feel compelled to share on several different levels. “NL” was a women I met whose health was totally debilitated. She was in a scooter for our grocery store tour and was really at the end of her rope with her personal health and food journey. Frankly she looked like she felt awful, which she confirms below in her email. Her life was barely that: solely existing day- to- day is not what God intended for us. We are meant not only to survive, but to thrive! NL was not thriving.

By radically changing her approach to food and seeking out a team of healers, she has dramatically changed her life.

Here is her story.

I often think of you – how kind you were to meet me at Montrose HEB and help me start changing my food choices.

I’ve been working with a doctor correcting my hormones for over a year.  At the end of the year (2013), I asked what we might do to help me get off the plateau.  She suggested ‘food sensitivity testing’.  We did that with a company called Alletess.  I started eating according to the plan and although it was difficult (especially at first), I stayed TRUE to my plan for more that the 12 weeks they recommend.

So the amazing thing – after 20 years of Chronic Debilitating Relentless Pain all over ( Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, etc.), in 3 weeks I started noticing I didn’t hurt.  I weaned myself off of 2 major medications that I had taken for years and am now prescription- drug free.  I would have never believed if  I had not experienced it myself.  As a side note, I have continued to lose weight down 19 lbs without counting calories in this 7 months. (My total now is 113 down and still some to go).

I feel alive again – at 64 3/4, I feel more like 35 (most days) rather than 95 (which is what I felt).

I continue to exercise 3 days a week and have added a little more.  I have certain pains, but don’t need the narcotics – I just put on my magnet belt or otherwise work it out.

Anyway, since food is your tool,  I thought you’d like to hear this amazing story.  I recommend to hurting people that they try food (even if they use Dr. Oz plan for food sensitivity) as a remedy – so far, no takers….but I’ll keep telling my story.



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