The Cow Craze

From the moment our kids are born, we are constantly bombarded with media that instills a lifelong fear in us that our kids aren’t getting enough calcium. We have nightmares about our children’s teeth falling out and and all the hospital trips from broken bones that are our fault because we didn’t give our kids the calcium required to be “healthy”.

sippyWe see commercial after commercial for brightly colored “kid- approved” yogurts, cheese sticks and flavored varieties of plain old milk: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to entice kids to eat more and moms to buy more.

Well guess what?

There are OTHER places to find calcium other than the good ole’ dairy cow. And the good news is, these sources don’t have the same negative affects on our kids as dairy can: constipation, excess mucous production, stomach pain, ear infections, sleep issues, allergies, asthma and eczema. Sound familiar? Many of us can’t figure out why our little ones keep getting sick, and many times, dairy is the culprit.

Here’s a go- to list of non- dairy foods that are super high in calcium that also offer many other incredible phytonutrients and nutritional benefits.

The old stand- by:

Cow’s Milk      291 mg
Human Breast Milk     33mg  (hmmm…seems like there is already a MAJOR obvious difference between cows’ milk and the milk we make for our kids naturally)

The BETTER non-dairy alternatives:

Sesame seeds  (yummy in snacks!)    1160mg
Collard greens     250mg
Kale     249 mg
Almonds     234 mg
Parsley     203 mg
Mustard greens     183 mg
Salmon     167 mg
Watercress      151 mg
Chickpeas/hummus     150mg
Beans     135mg
Pistachios     131mg
Figs     126mg
Sunflower seeds     120mg
Spinach     93mg
Broccoli       48mg
Cauliflower     42mg
Brussel’s sprouts     36mg
(Based on 3.5 ounce portions.)
So the next time you think calcium for your kids, think about a yummy kale and pineapple smoothie!!!!

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