Inflammation and Illness: How to Keep Your Family Well


The connection between acidic food, inflammation and illness is now common knowledge. However, most of us don’t realize which foods are acidic and which are not. Most of us are also unaware of the quantity of ALKALINE (opposite of acidic) foods we need to consume to counteract the effects of the ACIDIC food we eat daily as part of the Standard American Diet (SAD diet).

At a time when a record number of adults and children both are suffering from severe acid reflux and other chronic diseases resulting from inflammation in the body, here are a few facts you need to know to keep your family healthy:

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  1. Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment.
  2. Cola is a 2.3 on the acidity scale, basically off the chart!
  3. Your daily food and beverage intake should be about 80% from alkaline foods and 20% from acidic foods whether you are an adult or a child.
  4. It takes 20 parts of ALKALINITY to neutralize 1 part ACIDITY in your body.
  5. Sugar (fake and real) , gluten, alcohol, red meat and coffee are highly ACIDIC.
  6. The more you cook something the more acidic it gets.
  7. Negative emotions like worry, stress and lack of sleep can also create a highly ACIDIC
    environment in your body, leading to things like ulcers and severe stomach acid.
  8. Acidic food causes inflammation in the body, which leads to illness. Period.

Take some time to evaluate this spring how you and your family are eating. Teach your kids that half of their plate at every meal should be vegetables, which are ALKALINE and will keep them healthier much longer than anything in a prescription bottle. It’s time to start start eliminating disease with our diets, not masking it’s symptoms with medication.

Change starts at home.

Why wait?

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