In It To Win It: 4 Easy Upgrades to a Better Life

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No Way Else to Spin It…Fall is Here and We’re In It to Win It!

School has started for most of us, which means making meals on the run. But being busy doesn’t mean you have to cheat your family out of a healthy meal, or exhaust yourself making a 5 course gourmet French dinner every night.

Make a decision to be “In It to Win It” when it comes to your family’s health. Start off this school year by making 4 Easy Upgrades in the way your family eats and lives, that will dramatically change the way you feel, and improve your kids’ performance both in the classroom and on the playing field.

1. Protein is King: Getting the right breakfast, or any breakfast at all, is the only way to keep you and your family in the game. Whether it’s plant protein in a smoothie or animal protein from a Veggie Egg Scramble, you need it. Period.

2. Nail 5 Easy, Nutritious 20- Minute Dinners: Pick five healthy 20- minute dinners you love, and stick to them. On the nights when you have more time and feel less pressured, you can hop on- line with your family and try some new recipes. Pinterest is a great place to start. Try the World’s BestPulled Pork Adobo, a major crowd pleaser in our house. You can also click on my website here for some great kid-approved dinners.

3. Supplement to Thrive: The sad truth is, the food we eat, unless 100% organic, is hardly food anymore. Our bodies need extra help anywhere they can get it since they aren’t getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need. By adding a few simple supplements to your daily routine, you can raise your immune system, feel more energetic and have the extra brain power you need to get through the day. Contact me here for a Health Coaching session to determine which supplements are best for you and your family.

4. Kill the Sugar: Sugar tends to creep in during the summer in the form of poolside drinks, popsicles, Gatorade and anything else our kids can get their hands on. Back- to- school is the perfect time to kill the sugar habit. Re-think your pantry and school snacks, and play close attention to what you send your kids for long days on the athletic field. Their performance, attitude and behavior is dramatically affected by what they consume.

Now get out there and play ball!

Need an “assist” getting your family back in the game? Contact me here for a FREE 30- minute telephonic Health Coaching consultation.





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