“The nutrition advice Gaby gave our family helped restore peace to the table. Our son had begun to take things off his already slim “will eat” list, and it caused my husband and I to panic. There were lots of dinner time battles, and still nothing was eaten. Christian began to take zinc supplements, which Gaby recommended. Not only did his appetite return to normal, but it improved. The behavior advice Gaby gave to us helped us know how to handle the tears and refusals to eat, so that we felt in control again, and not our picky-son’s appetite. Thank you Gaby, for your help at the table and at home!” Leslie

“Through the help of Gabrielle I found some tasks I was struggling with simplified.  Finding a healthy simple snack was a struggle for me.  I now have a handful of snacks to offer my three children.  Not only are they healthy but they are not messy, they are easy and both my 4 year old boy and 20 month old girls enjoy them.  She was more than helpful when it came to helping me cope with the challenges I was having with my son.  She offered positive, straight forward, sound advice which has changed how I handle all ‘situations’ concerning my son.  One line responses, changing my tone of voice….these easy changes have made a HUGE difference in our relationship and have made my son a happier child.  I find that has given me peace and made it easier to sleep at night.   Gabrielle is an intelligent women who I find compassionate and patient.  Combined with the passion she has for her job, make her incredibly good at what she does.  I am grateful I took her courses and look forward to taking more in the future.”  Ginger W., Houston, mother of 3