How would it feel to be empowered and in control of your own Simple Green home?

5 Benefits of my Simple Green Living System:

  1. You will walk away making deliberate choices and feeling 100% sure that the products in your grocery cart aren’t making your kids sick.
  2. You will stop worrying about whether you are making safe choices for your family.
  3. You will save money on expensive doctor’s appointment and medications as a result of improved health from cleaner living! ( Remember: you can’t see, taste or touch most toxic chemicals that are in, on and surround you daily and these are the ones that are the most dangerous.)
  4. You will walk away knowing exactly what to buy and what to avoid that goes in, goes on and surrounds your body.
  5. You will be saving time with a clear and easy action plan to turn your home into a Simple Green Home.


Features of the Simple Green Home System

  • Four private 50- minute sessions in my Houston office
  • Templates, checklists and other invaluable tools to help you start greening your home immediately!
  • An action plan for putting it all together
  • Learn the best resources on and offline for improving your health, home and planet

Start today!


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