Personalized Nutritional Consulting

How to get your kids off junk food… and other simple changes that will dramatically affect how your family eats and lives!

Begin by putting the health and wellness of your family first and getting the support you need to make lasting changes.

After dealing with meal time power struggles, defaulting to less-than-healthy meal choices and feeling exhausted figuring out what to cook everyday to feed the whole family, I finally figured out the 6 essential ingredients for stress-free, hassle-free, healthy family balance.

The Real Food Family Balance System

  1. Prioritize healthy eating for the whole family
  2. Choose higher quality foods
  3. Reduce resistance and build routine around conscious health goals
  4. Fit healthy living into the context of your busy lifestyle (sports and activities that get in the way of time together as a family and your healthy intentions)
  5. Time saving strategies and short cuts in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor
  6. Putting it all together

These six ingredients are at the core of the Real Food Family Balance System. Take one out, and the system starts to fall apart. Learn to integrate them together (Yes, you CAN do this!) and you’ll never stress about what to buy and how to feed your family again.

“Through the help of Gabrielle I found some tasks I was struggling with simplified. Finding a healthy simple snack was a struggle for me. I now have a handful of snacks to offer my three children. Not only are they healthy but they are not messy, they are easy and both my 4 year old boy and 20 month old girls enjoy them. She was more than helpful when it came to helping me cope with the challenges I was having with my son. She offered positive, straight forward, sound advice which has changed how I handle all ‘situations’ concerning my son. One line responses, changing my tone of voice….these easy changes have made a HUGE difference in our relationship and have made my son a happier child. I find that has given me peace and made it easier to sleep at night. Gabrielle is an intelligent women who I find compassionate and patient. Combined with the passion she has for her job, make her incredibly good at what she does. I am grateful I took her courses and look forward to taking more in the future.” Ginger W., Houston, mother of 3

“I really enjoyed your presentation and style Thursday evening. You are awesome! This is an arena I would like to learn more about as I become a better me. I wish to live my full life time capacity and have some of my family members around as well.” Muszetta Foreman

I never thought it was possible to get my son off junk food.  But Gabrielle helped me transition him one meal at a time to food that is nutritious.  Now his diet  includes whole grains, fresh vegetables and healthier forms of protein.  His body and mind function much more efficiently and he eats what I serve for dinner.  A huge thank you to Gabrielle!Natasha, mother of 2

“I just wanted to thank you for the incredible tips and recipes that you have introduced me to.  Several months ago I began to change my eating habits and am working on becoming  the healthier woman that I want to be.  This has led me to try many new and exciting foods and recipes.  Your sessions at our PWG meetings have come at the perfect time to educate me on these alternatives.  I have already lost about 15 lbs and am more active than I have been in years.  Quinoa has become a staple food (I bought a four pound bag at Costco right after your first meeting with us)  and whenever I crave bread, I pull a slice of Ezekiel bread from the freezer.  Although I don’t really crave it much anymore (this is a big difference from before when I could eat a loaf by myself -I used to be a bread and butter girl)” Jennifer Z, 37

Getting Started, Simple and Easy!

Your first step is to set up an initial Family Balance Breakthrough Session. This consists of an initial 30 minute phone interview where you will discover solutions on how to handle challenges like :

  • The most common triggers that perpetuate meal time battles.
  • How to get your kids off of junk food so they are less cranky and more focused at school.
  • How to get your kids to try new foods and eat their veggies!
  • Time saving strategies for healthy eating on the go.

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