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The Real Food Family Balance System

  • Are you tired of your kids’ behavior from being on the junk food rollercoaster?
  • Do you struggle nightly with meal time battles and trying to get your kids to eat “real” food vs. junk food? (vegetables, not chicken nuggets!)
  • Do you feel like you never have enough time to cook and have a healthy sit- down dinner at home?

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Simple Green Living

Come learn more with Gabrielle Welch about…

  • How to Identify and eliminate the toxins in your home that you never knew were affecting you and your family’s health.
  • The truth about what goes in you, on you, and surrounds you every day.
  • How to transform your bedroom into a safe sleep haven.
  • How to rid your kitchen of toxic chemicals
  • Tips for making the safest, healthiest choices for you and your children in personal care products, cosmetics, toys, household cleaners, furniture, food, and water.

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