Book Review of “The Pizza Trap” by Gabrielle H. Welch with Dr. Devinder Bhatia

July 15, 2014 by Impower You
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We shouldn’t have to think or worry so much about something so basic and necessary as food. “The Pizza Trap” by Gabrielle H. Welch with Dr. Devinder Bhatia is a must read for everyone, but especially parents who are concerned with their children’s health and tired of fights over what their children will and won’t eat.

In a world of confusing and hidden ingredient labels, debatable nutrition facts, mass-media marketing directly to children, unknown GMO’s, and harmful pesticides, it’s become an Olympic sport to eat healthy. The author herself is a parent of 3 children and knows too well the challenges of feeding a family. Her suggestions include guiding and educating chldren by encouraging them to be active participants in the family grocery, speaking up about school lunches, considering the expensive and long term risks of an unhealthy diet, dealing with eating healthy on a full schedule, and offering budget-friendly alternative solutions including links to resourceful nutritional websites.
Her book reviews the difference between the terms of GMO’s, natural, organic and 100% organic, the sugar-free myth and chemically addicting power of sugar, the dangers of additives, preservatives, hormones, pesticides, and so called “natural” flavors,  the hidden ingredients our government allows compared to safer regulations in other countries, supplements, vitamins and minerals, and educating your family on the hidden words and actual meanings of ingredient labels.
 I was lucky to grow up with a mom who cared about my health and taught me healthy eating. Despite my rebellion with junk food and the consequental health problems caused during my teens and twenties, I eventually took heed and used her wisdom as a basis for a better diet and improved health. Not everyone has the support and knowledge I had, so this book needs to be read and shared widely. Buy this book at:

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