The time is now to make better choices for your kids. The good news? It’s surprisingly easy!

In The Pizza Trap, Gabrielle Welch, NC, CHHC, empowers parents to make simple choices to raise happy, healthy children. Packed with easy real-world tips, The Pizza Trap is their practical “survival guide” to ending mealtime struggles, weaning kids off junk food, and introducing them to the joy of real food.

Winner of the 2014 Mom’s Choice Awards!


Gabrielle WelchGabrielle Welch, founder of Welch Wellness, educates, supports and inspires women and children to help prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness through nutrition, green living and life balance. Gabrielle’s passion is to empower moms with the knowledge to make better choices when it comes to cooking, buying groceries and especially eating on- the- go.

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